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About Alice...

Hi, Im Alice! I am a photographer based in Dorset but living in the little town of Christchurch. I studied Photography for years then became a photography teacher and now a freelance wedding photographer who dabbles in a bit of promotional photography and fun portraits, but my main passion is weddings! Who doesn't love a good wedding?

I used to be a live music photographer and ask my friends and family if I could take their picture but one day I got asked to shoot my first wedding. I was nervous and excited but when I got home and started editing through the hundreds of photos I thought to myself, this is what I want to do forever!

Not only is it a massive honour to be chosen to photograph somebody's wedding but to capture those special moments that you'll never forget is just dreamy!

If you're like me and don't partially like posing for photos I'm your photographer! Keeping the shoot natural and lowkey capturing those candid moments from a distance so you can take in every moment of your wedding or family time whilst I snap away in the background.
But of course we can do posed ones too!
I have an easy set of poses to make you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst capturing the shot and mainly to have fun!
I will always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and its my priority to make sure everyone goes home happy!
Take a browse through my portfolio and if you like what you see get in touch and lets have a chat!